The craggy, flower covered Island of Capri is home to any number of artistic, historical and natural wonders. Although this "paradise of idleness", surrounded by the bluest of seas, has been enchanting visitors for centuries, in recent years more than a touch of cosmopolitan glamour has been added - in the the form of designer shops, luxury spas, sumptuous hotels and the holidaying glitterati.

There is so much to see - from the ruins of Roman villas to splendid private residences set in flower-filled grounds glimpsed through intricately wrought gates. You can wander along little lanes, amidst gardens overflowing with bougainvilla, plumbago, grapevines and mandevilla. You can swing above roof tops and vegetable patches on the cable car to the mountain top. You can climb rocky paths leading to fabulous views of the island and the azure sea.

Then, there is the thrill of the other face of Capri - the bustle of the streets and the Piazzetta, the bars, cafes, the fashionable boutiques, the grand hotels, the jetsetters' yachts and the parade of the world's beautiful people.


Picures from Capri


PRIVATE BOAT EXCURSION — CAPRI Our excursion towards the magnificent Capri starts from Nerano, around 9.00am on board one...

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