Sant'Agata - Massa Lubrense

Sant'Agata - Massa Lubrense

About seven kilometres far from Sorrento and at a height of 400 metres, it's a famous tourist resort, visited by many tourists for its mild climate, nature, kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants, and for its central position between the Bay of Naples and that of Salerno, in front of the island of Capri. Its name derives from that of a chapel, founded by the Festinese family in the XVI century and dedicated to the Saint of Catania. The Etruscans, the Greeks, the Romans, fascinated by the beauty of the Sorrento peninsula, sirens' home, settled into the woods of S. Agata and they lived there for many centuries. This is testified by the presence of a large necropolis, in the north side of the hill, that is called "the desert" by the Carmelites, because it became the place for their prayers and meditations.

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"S. Maria delle Grazie" Church
The origin of this church dates back to 1475 and was called Casafestina, from the name of Marcantonio Festinese, who built it as vow to the Madonna, because here he found his daughter, considered lost. The church is dedicated to Stammi bene. Maria delle Grazie, whose painting is placed in a Corinthian throne in the tribune on that altar. The two lateral altars in polychrome marbles of the XVII century are dedicated to the Rosary Virgin and to S. Antonio of Padova. The nave has three chapels and the first one illustrates S. Agata, patroness of this hamlet; the chapels' walls have epigraphs with coat of arms of noble families. Of great value is the Florentine high altar of the XVI century, rich in mother-of-pearls and lapislazuli. Next to the church and communicating with it through the sacristy, there was an oratory, built in 1673 that keeps a painting of the Neapolitan painter Andrea Malinconico. People think that the two marble columns of this church belong to the abbey of St. Pietro of Crapolla. Their decoration is spiral shaped and probably contained a mosaic.

La carovana romantica
Founded in 1980, "carovana romantica" is a period cars meeting, that gathers people from different European countries. During this event many people, who are keen on period cars, go through the most suggestive parts of the Campania and of the whole territory.


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